More About Gaia

Gaia is Russian-Canadian. She was born in Russia to a family of theater actors and moved to Canada when she was 20 years old. She is a world traveler, having visited over 15 countries including New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Greece and Mexico,

so needless to say she has a good grasp of different cultures. You are in very good and experienced hands!

Gaia's Training & Education

Gaia studied psychology at York University of Toronto.

Gaia received formal training in Massage Therapy as

well as Energy Healing and Reflexology.

She is also a proud graduate of the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, the only government accredited school for Tantric Sexual Healing. 

Tantra practice offered by Gaia is rooted in a rare form of yogic practice - Tibetan 5 Element Tantra.

The Tibetan Five Element Tantric Teachings stem from an unbroken lineage of teachers dating back 2600 years. 

Institute of Authentic Tantra is endorsed by Lama Tashi Dundrup of the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage.

It is applied as a sexual healing modality for the purpose of catalyzing profound transformation of body, mind and spirit.

Gaia's Vision

Sexuality is closest to this non-physical, creative energy of The Source, and sacred sexuality practices use it as a tool

to be transformed to higher vibrations. To know the bliss that you are!!!  It is believed in Tantric teachings that during orgasm we experience a glimpse of enlightenment. It is the mission of Tantrica to teach the clarity and example of this connection to the Divine.

Gaia's Mission

My personal passion, my work, is to bridge the idea of

spirituality with sexuality. You don't have to become Swami, sing mantras, do yoga, or meditate to be spiritual and bring sacred sexuality into your life. In a way, you cannot help but be spiritual, as "all that is," is. Source is weaving into the material of all things and this is where the magic is happening! You are the magic!

The practice of Sacred Sexuality starts with an intent and willingness to look at your Self and another through the eyes of Source. To embrace ourselves with love and acceptance and to shine the light that we are!

If you resonate with this intent, Tantra is for you!

To go deeper and sweeter, there

are different tools and skills Tantra teaches to enhance this receptivity to

the fullness of who you are, and to the orgasmic, joyous life that you were born to live!

There is NOTHING more important than

Feeling Good



 Gaia combines the following practices:

Tibetan 5 Element Practices for healing body, mind, spirit and sex

Energy Medicine- Energies of Love

Taoist Sexual Yoga Practices from 5,000 year old tradition

Tantric Movement Practices for healing and awakening more pleasure

Non-Violent Communication for cultivating profound empathy and compassion

Somatic/Tantric Healing Principles for healing sexual and emotional trauma

Contemporary cutting edge knowledge of sexuality, trauma and holistic healing

Massage Therapy and Reflexology

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