Tantra & Intimacy Coaching for Men

Top Benefits of Receiving Coaching

1. Heal sexual dysfunctions (esp. premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction)

2. Last longer during sex

3. How to experience multiple orgasms (i.e. separate orgasm from ejaculation)

4. How to become better lovers (i.e. please women sexually)

5. Heal trauma/shame; (e.g. circumcision trauma)

6. Sexuality as a path of spiritual development

7. Help to overcome depression, anxiety, addiction (esp. porn addiction)

8. Have tried (and failed) with other forms of semen retention; may have resulted in additional sexual issues (e.g. anorgasmia)

The Multi-Orgasmic Man

The male body is capable of over 8 different kinds of orgasm! How many are you having? Most people don’t realize that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate functions of the nervous system, and with proper training, men can learn to become multi-orgasmic and last as long as they want.

Learn Tantra and say goodbye to: premature ejaculation and “coming too soon”, lack of confidence in bed and dissatisfied female partners. Tantra programs are designed to give you tangible, practical, and effective tools for:

Controlling ejaculation and lasting as long as you choose to

Healing PE and ED naturally and permanently

Building and maintaining sexual power and virility

Increasing orgasm and pleasure

Becoming multi-orgasmic

Healing sexual trauma including; circumcision trauma, sexual shaming, and sexual abuse

Cultivating mental clarity, focus, and power

Processing emotions effectively and non-violently

Frequently asked Questions

Q: How can you heal premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction?

A: There is no magic pill when it comes to treating these conditions so don't expect to be healed all at once, but do expect to get the all the tools you need to start practicing and becoming the best sexual version of yourself, including health and well-being... Whatever the issue is, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, the reason for the condition is always multi-faceted, so we will be addressing and treating it from different angles - always a combination of psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual. Your own self-practice will ensure lasting success in changing the condition. Building sexual health is the same as body fitness, it takes time and consistency to see results.

Understanding premature ejaculation (PE) and treatment.

Often men who develop PE, had a childhood background where masturbation was taboo. As young boys they developed a mind/body pattern to orgasm as fast as possible so they didn't get caught. As adults, this pattern of PE continues. It will take time for your body to create a new pattern. This is accomplished through the practice of combining somatic healing and breathe work. This coaching is designed to bridge common misunderstandings in our sex literacy to release shame and gain control. In treatment, the goal is to edge 20 minutes. After 20 minutes the body starts to rewire a new pattern of regulating the arousal.

Pleasure is the Medicine