"Keep your focus on how you want to feel and let the Universe fill in the details."


Healing with Gaia

What I do, how it helps, and what to expect from the Session

I am a certified sexologist and educator - what is that about?

The first thing many people think when they hear sex education is sex-ed like in grade school, where basically they tell you, "Here is the condom - don’t get pregnant".

No, this is not what I am educating about.

This is Pleasure-based Sex Education for Adults

You may think that with as easy access to pornography as we all have, we should now know it all when it comes to sex, however, pornography often perpetuates false beliefs and misunderstandings about the human sexual blue print.

My biggest role and mission as a sexologist and educator, is to teach men and women about their orgasmic potential and pleasure.

Intimacy Coaching for Women

Tantra Coaching for Women gives you a step-by-step guide to harnessing sexual energy & using sensual awareness to access better emotional, mental & physical health.

Learn powerful Tantric techniques to heal and integrate your body, mind, spirit and sex.

Use pleasure as medicine to awaken over 11 different kinds of female orgasm!

Heal sexual trauma and liberate your mind, body, and soul using Tantric techniques and practices.

Become free from sexual guilt and shame!

Understand your sexual anatomy.

Deepen self-confidence and self-connection.

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Intimacy Coaching for Men

Tantra Coaching for Men is designed to give you tangible, practical, and effective tools for:

Controlling ejaculation.

Lasting longer.

Becoming multi-orgasmic!

Healing premature ejaculation.

Healing erectile dysfunction naturally.

Healing emotional wounds.

Deepening feelings of connection.

Mastering your sexual energy.

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Intimacy Coaching for Couples

Learn Tantra techniques for cultivating profound connection, intimacy and pleasure.

A thriving sex life is vital to the health of your relationship!

Couples Tantra Coaching is the perfect ‘tool’ to enhance your intimate connection…

Learn powerful and effective Tantric techniques for creating and cultivating a sacred sexual relationship.

Deepen emotional intimacy and connection.

Heal sexual trauma and sexual dysfunction.

Cultivate healthy communication.

Experience more love, joy, and pleasure in every area of your life!

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Massage Therapy

I LOVE to give massage! I deeply enjoy finding those knots and blocks and smoothing them out. I savor the feeling of relief in the body and the whole being. You will be good, sore and on the mend!

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Workshops / Events

Workshops and events are a great way to learn and practice without a higher 

cost of the private sessions. Please click here to find out the schedule of upcoming events and workshops

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Products That Inspire

Here are a variety of products that help me live my best-feeling life! From sexual to emotional, spiritual to well-being, I wanted to share them all with you! These tools assist you on your journey to wellness and are catalysts for your entire body to thrive!

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