Tantra for Couples

Can better sex improve your life?

Let’s be honest…sex is an important part of what makes an intimate relationship, well… intimate. And, whether we want to admit it or not, love AND sex are both areas where most of us could use some extra help.

Whether you’d like to be having more sex more often, deeper connection, more pleasure and orgasms, or even just feel comfortable talking about sex with your partner, it’s an area in which many people don’t feel entirely satisfied.

Tantra for Couples gives you tools for:

• Deepening emotional connection

• Enhancing sexual intimacy

• Cultivating a “Sacred Relationship”

• Healing sexual trauma

• Awakening the G-spot in Women (& Men!)

• Awakening over 11 female orgasms!

• Awakening multiple orgasms for men

• Healing sexual dysfunction

• Cultivating healthy communication

Tantra is the perfect ‘tool’ to enhance your intimate connection if you:

• Crave more intimacy, passion and pleasure- in AND out of the bedroom

• You want your sex to feel “sacred” and experience a communion of body and soul

• You yearn for a slower, more sensual intimate connection

• You desire more sensation, more pleasure, and easy, effortless, multiple orgasms for both of you!

Statistics Show:

• As many as 70% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm during intercourse

• More than 43% of women report some type of sexual dysfunction

• 80% of women have faked orgasms, and many report doing so regularly

• 9 out of 10 couples report a desire for greater intimacy in and out of the bedroom

Regardless of your sexual orientation, the lack of healthy sex education can leave both partners fumbling around in the dark, on their search for mutually satisfying pleasure.

These unfulfilling sexual experiences can result in both partners feeling unsatisfied, which can damage intimate relationships over time, and may contribute to some forms of sexual dysfunction.

• 65% of men ejaculate within the first 2-7 minutes of penetration

• 71% of men express a desire to last longer

• 70% of men suffer from, or will suffer from, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Luckily there is help!

The ancient and modern sexual “science” of Tantra understands the core of these sexual issues, and can therefore apply effective methods (i.e. medicine!) to easily and rapidly transform them!

By working together as a couple with the guidance of a certified Tantra Practitioner, you will have the opportunity to address specific issues that are preventing you from experiencing the mutual pleasure and satisfaction you desire.

Pleasure is the Medicine