Tantra for Women

Top Benefits of Receiving Coaching

1. Better orgasms / better sex; no painful sex

2. Orgasms during sex (i.e. with penetration)

3. Heal trauma, esp. sexual abuse (release belief that “I’m broken/blocked” sexually)

4. More pleasure / joy / happiness in all areas of your life

5. More connection & inner peace – with yourself, your body and your partner

6. Attracting a partner / relationship

7. Freedom, self-expression and / or sexual expression

8. Sexual communication with partner(s)

9. Spiritual awakening

10. Navigating a life change (e.g. divorce, menopause, career shift, etc)

11. Healing trauma in a new way (esp. looking for a holistic and/or somatically-based approach as other methods have not been sufficient)

Tantra can help

Tantra is an ancient science designed to help us be more present in and connected to our body and our experience of life… whatever that happens to be in any given moment. It is through this presence and connection that we are able to shed the layers of old trauma and wounding which prevent us from accessing our optimum pleasure and joy. As these layers peel away, we experience a renewal and reawakening of sensation, orgasm, vitality, creative inspiration and inner joy.

Tantra is for you If you are a woman who feels...

• Disconnected from your sexuality

• Guilty or shameful about receiving pleasure

• Frustrated or “blocked” when it comes to achieving orgasms

• Confused about your sexual anatomy and how your body works

• Disconnected from your body/unable to stay present during sex

• Wounded or “broken” due to past abuse or trauma

Are you looking for a way to...

• Be free of sexual guilt and shame

• Heal past sexual and emotional wounding

• Understand your sexual anatomy, your G-spot, and the over 11 different orgasms for women!

• Love your body and feel juicy and sensual regardless of your age or weight!

• Experience more connection, presence and pleasure in every area of your life.

• Have more fulfilling, healthy, and balanced relationships- including the one you have with yourself

Tantra Basics for Women

Tantra classes and coaching for women offer you a step-by-step guide to harness sexual energy, using sensual awareness to access better emotional, mental & physical health.

You will learn practical, effective, and FUN methods for Multiple Orgasms! Our bodies are capable of over 11 different kinds of orgasmic sensation!!!

The pleasure potential of the female body is almost limitless! Our bodies are capable of over 11 different kinds of orgasmic sensation! We have as much (or more!) erectile tissue inside our genital area as a man has externally! And yet, as many as 70% of women have difficulty achieving orgasm and at least 43% of women report having some form of sexual dysfunction.

What stands in the way?

There are many issues that can prevent us from experiencing our full potential for pleasure.

• Sexual abuse or assault

• Cultural and religious conditioning

• Feelings of guilt, fear and shame

• Emotionally disconnected sex

• Having sex out of duty or obligation

All of these painful or uncomfortable sexual experiences build up in our psyche and translate directly to our body, impeding our ability to experience our full, sexual potential.

Pleasure is the Medicine